The Semantic Layer and AutoML
The AutoML PodcastMay 16, 202300:57:3739.59 MB

The Semantic Layer and AutoML

Today we're talking with Gaurav Rao, the EVP & GM of Machine Learning and AI at AtScale, a company centered around the semantic layer.

For some time now, I've been feeling that there is a deep connection between a formal articulation of business context and the realization of the dream of AutoML, so I searched for people in the space who can help shine light on this direction.

Gaurav is one of the few who can speak about this. As you'll hear, he's extremely pedagogic and he's walking us through the origins of the concept, how it addresses some of the challenges that businesses face when trying to operationalize their ML, what it takes to build a universal semantic layer, how downstream ML applications are affected by the presence or absence of a semantic layer, and how the space of AutoML factors into this.

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