TabPFN: A Revolution in AutoML?
The AutoML PodcastMarch 02, 202301:16:2452.49 MB

TabPFN: A Revolution in AutoML?

Today we’re talking to Noah Hollmann and Samuel Muller about their paper on TabPFN - which is an incredible spin on AutoML based on Bayesian inference and transformers.

[Quick note on audio quality]: Some of the tracks have not recorded perfectly but I felt that the content there was too important not to release. Sorry for any ear-strain!

In the episode, we spend some time discussing posterior predictive probabilities before discussing how exactly they’ve pre-fitted their network, how they got their training data, what the network looks like, and how the system is performing.

To give you a taste of it, on datasets up to 1,000 training instances and 100 features, it takes less than a second to train and predict a classifier!

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