Manipulating Your Reputation
The AutoML PodcastMay 30, 202200:57:1839.38 MB

Manipulating Your Reputation

In this episode, Adam speaks with Doctor Torsten Ensslin about simulating reputation networks and their manipulation using Information Theory.

Torsten is an Astrophysicist and cosmologist at the Max Plank institute, where he’s held many titles and positions. His current scientific work investigates theoretical cosmology and information field theory. 

As he discusses in this episode, Torsten co-created a simulation of how reputation propagates through a network of agents and how those agents can manipulate their communication strategies, through lies, targeted deceit, propaganda, and many other tactics, in an effort to achieve domination over their networks.

One of the theses of Torsten’s work is that in order to understand the impact of our AI on our existing systems, it’s important to have a deeper understanding of those systems to begin with. His simulation is a first step in that direction: an attempt to model the interaction of various agents according to information theoretic principles and study the consequent emergent phenomena.

There are two versions of the paper.

The first is a shorter summary of the work, light on the math, and can be found here:

The longer version of the paper can be found here: