DASH: How to Search Over Convolutions
The AutoML PodcastDecember 20, 202201:18:3053.93 MB

DASH: How to Search Over Convolutions

Today we’re chatting with Junhong Shen, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon.

Junhong and her team are working on the generalizability of NAS algorithms across a diverse set of tasks.

Today we'll be talking about DASH, a NAS algorithm that takes diversity of tasks at its center. In order to implement DASH, Junhong and her team implemented three clever ideas that she'll share with us.

Efficient Architecture Search for Diverse Tasks - https://arxiv.org/pdf/2204.07554.pdf

Tackling Diverse Tasks with Neural Architecture Search - https://blog.ml.cmu.edu/2022/10/14/tackling-diverse-tasks-with-neural-architecture-search/

Does AutoML work for diverse tasks? - https://blog.ml.cmu.edu/2022/07/07/automl-for-diverse-tasks

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